As an Essential Service Industry, BUGCO continues to protect clients against the hazards posed by pests. Call 281-240-2157 in Houston or 210-340-2847 in San Antonio.

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Safeguard Your Family Against Mosquitoes

You can trust BUGCO Pest Control to help protect your family against the dangers of mosquitoes. We use the latest strategies deployed by highly-trained pest control technicians.  Call 281-240-2157 for the professional help you need.

Mosquitoes in the Houston area can carry and spread dangerous diseases like West Nile Virus, Zika Virus, and Chikungunya.  With Metro Houston's warm climate, mosquitoes can appear all year round.  Don't take chances with the safety of your family!  Call BUGCO Pest Control for a diverse mosquito elimination and control strategy featuring misting systems, the In2Care system, and backpack spraying.

As part of our general pest control inspections, BUGCO technicians will check your property for likely mosquito breeding sites and then advise you how to eliminate them.

BUGCO Pest Control is owned by a U.S. Marine Corps veteran, and BUGCO supports active duty military and veterans with pest control discounts.  We also offer discounts to police officers and other first responders, educators, seniors and other worthy groups.  Call BUGCO at 281-240-2157 for more information.